StopWritingAlone.Substack.com & The Network

The Substack Page

In 2022 I made the decision to move communications and updates for Stop Writing Alone content to a Substack page. The website is simply StopWritingAlone.Substack.com. There you can subscribe to get the new podcast episodes and show notes emailed directly to your inbox, or to explore them right on the site. It’s up to you. When you subscribe you will also get things like

-my weekly writing prompt videos on YouTube

-invites to monthly writing events like Write-ins and Writing Prompt Parties

-Writing Resources

You may also elect to become a paid subscriber for the inaugural price of $5/month or $50 for the year. If you do, in addition to getting all that free stuff I mentioned above, you will also get

-weekly Goals & Accountability posts

-MORE writing events exclusive for paying members only

-membership to our new Story Club which includes an exclusive writing exercise and discussion Zoom call every month

-Bonus events throughout the month

The Network

In addition to the new path to communication, 2022 has brought with it a new networking space for writers in the Stop Writing Alone community, the Stop Writing Alone Network powered by Mighty Networks. If you are unfamiliar with Mighty Networks, think of it as a Facebook Group without all of the distractions. You can go directly to the Stop Writing Alone Network and see ONLY posts shared by me and the other writers. You can write a post of your own to the entire community, or direct message fellow writers in a one on one or group chat. As the network grows that is where Stop Writing Alone evergreen materials and courses will be homed as well, so it’s a good idea to get in there so you’ll be the first to know about it when it comes.

I hope to see you soon in all of these spaces soon! Happy writing!

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