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Episode 139: [Happy Campers Interview] Susie Taylor | Stix-n-Stonez

Episode 139: [Happy Campers Interview] Susie Taylor | Stix-n-Stonez

Show Notes:

This episode is part of the Happy Campers Interview series.

Since April 2020, Nicole Rivera has been hosting an online writing community intensive called the Happy Campers Club. Now Nicole is writing the Stop Writing Alone book about all of her experience with writing community, and wanted to the perspective from the members in the club. This is one interview toward that end.

Susie Taylor is a copywriters, blogger, fiction writer, mom, and all around compassionate human being. In this episode Susie shares her mission behind her Stix-n-Stones blog and FB group, her tips on being a copywriter, the story of how she gained ownership of the title “writer,” and how writing community has helped her through all of these stages.

Mentioned in this episode:

Places to connect to the STOP WRITING ALONE community and introduce yourself:

When you find a group of people who lift you up on a daily basis, it is important to share their awesome. Here are links to the women in Nicole’s Mastermind group (currently going by the name The Voxer Vixens!). Please support these women who do so much to support Nicole on a daily basis!

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