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Episode 66: Betsy Heeney | She’s Elder and Wiser and We’re Listening!


Episode 66: Betsy Heeney | She’s Elder and Wiser and We’re Listening!

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Show Notes:

In this week’s episode Nicole interviews Betsty Heeney, Baltimore writer, artist, teacher, and host of the Elder and Wiser podcast. Betsy shares her experiences with The Artist’s Way, challenging Julia Cameron’s teachings, finding her own voice, and her advice on how we can become hosts of community events for creatives no matter where we live and what we wish to explore. Betsy and Nicole also share some reflections on their journey together to learn how to podcasters as well as their meeting in Los Angeles at 2019’s Dreamtopia event hosted by Cathy Heller. Finally, as this interview was recorded at the beginning of the COVID-19 event Betsy and Nicole share some of their thoughts and experiences on the implications of and techniques to get through social distancing while maintaining connections with our communities.   Mentioned in this episode:

  Places to connect to the STOP WRITING ALONE community and introduce yourself:

  When you find a group of people who lift you up on a daily basis, it is important to share their awesome. Here are links to the women in Nicole’s Mastermind group (currently going by the name The Voxer Vixens!). Please support these women who do so much to support Nicole on a daily basis!

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