Episode 46: Nicole Goes PitMad

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Episode 46: Nicole Goes PitMad

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Show Notes:

Nicole gives a quick update on how her November wrapped up before discussing a last minute discovery of the last round of #PitMad for 2019. Nicole discusses what PitMad is and how she plans to participate in this final round.   This episode was sponsored by Dianna Gunn and Business for Authors https://www.businessforauthors.com/   All ko-fi supporters of the Stop Writing Alone podcast are entered to win a copy of Cathy Heller’s new book : DON’T KEEP YOUR DAY JOB. Become a supporter now: https://ko-fi.com/stopwritingalone   Mentioned in this episode:

  Places to connect to the STOP WRITING ALONE community and introduce yourself:

  The EVERYONE CAN PODCAST crew. Here’s a list of podcasts made by my classmates coming out of Cathy Heller’s ECP course. This is one inspiring, creative, and informative bunch:

  And our teacher…

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