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Episode 15 : A Game of Thrones Flash Fiction Challenge

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Episode 15: A Game of Thrones Flash Fiction Challenge

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Show Notes:

This week Stop Writing Alone host, Nicole Rivera, is challenging the community to a flash fiction writing celebration of George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones. Since Nicole has been all wrapped up in series’ conclusion this month, she decided to bring the obsession to the writing community in the form of a writing prompt and challenge. Your job is to write a flash fiction piece (less than 400 words), using the first paragraph of George R.R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones as a model and prompt. Call in to the Stop Writing Alone Voice line at (646)907-9607 before May 13, 2019 to record your story and it will be shared on the May 16th episode of Stop Writing Alone! This technique of modeling prompt has been called Mimicking a Mentor, and is reminiscent of MadLibs except instead of picking new parts of speech without context, you do so with the intent of completing a short story. Listen to this week’s episode of Stop Writing Alone for a complete description of this technique of writing prompts as well as a demonstration of how it can be done.


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