Stop Writing Alone podcast

Episode 1: First Meeting of the Stop Writing Alone Podcast

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Episode 1: First Meeting of the Stop Writing Along podcast

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Show Notes:

It’s our first official Stop Writing Alone podcast episode and that feels a lot like the first meeting of a writing group. What do we do in first meetings? We talk about what we are doing here, we introduce ourselves, and we get to work with some writing. In this episode the host, Nicole Rivera, describes her writing journey and path to finding the writing communities — both online and in real life — that helped elevate her writing from a private passion to a pursuit for publication. She also provides a writing activity, and invites listeners to introduce themselves as well.

Mentioned in this episode:

Places to connect to the STOP WRITING ALONE community and introduce yourself:

The EVERYONE CAN PODCAST crew. Here’s a list of podcasts made by my classmates coming out of Cathy Heller’s ECP course. This is one inspiring, creative, and informative bunch:

And our teacher…

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